Introduction to Posthuman Aesthetics (work in progress)
(Performative/participative/educative/interactive) installation. 2016
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The performative/participative/educative/interactive installation was 
presented in 2016 at the Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Abracadabra 
and the Politics of Collaboration in Wroclaw, International Congress on 
Numanities (ICoN) in Kaunas, Sodu 4 in Vilnius, Alt_Cph in Copenhagen, 
at the Migrating Art Academies in Nida, Pixelache festival in Helsinki, 
Open Fields exhibition in Riga and Interfiction Kassel.

Fig. 1-3. Interfiction festival, Kassel, 2016

Fig. 4-8. Open Fields, Riga, 2016

Fig. 9-12. Pixelache, Helsinki, 2016

Fig. 13-17. Migrating Art Academies, Nida, 2016

Fig. 18-22. Alt_Cph, Copenhagen, 2016

Fig. 23-27. Kitchenlab, Vilnius, 2016

Fig. 28-31. International Congress on Numanities (ICoN), Kaunas, 2016.

Fig. 32-34. Abracadabra. Politics of Collaboration, Wroclaw, 2016

Fig. 35-40. Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2016