Introduction to Posthuman Aesthetics (work in progress)
(Performative/participative/educative/interactive) installation. 2016
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The performative/participative/educative/interactive installation was 
presented in 2016 at the Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Abracadabra 
and the Politics of Collaboration in Wroclaw, International Congress on 
Numanities (ICoN) in Kaunas, Sodu 4 in Vilnius, Alt_Cph in Copenhagen, 
at the Migrating Art Academies in Nida, Pixelache festival in Helsinki, 
Open Fields exhibition in Riga, Interfiction Kasseli, HBK in Leipzig,
and NKNU, Kaohsiung (TW).

Shared Habitats, NKNU, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2017

5Proposals, HBK, Leipzig, 2017

Interfiction festival, Kassel, 2016

Open Fields, Riga, 2016

Pixelache, Helsinki, 2016

Migrating Art Academies, Nida, 2016

Alt_Cph, Copenhagen, 2016

Kitchenlab, Vilnius, 2016

International Congress on Numanities (ICoN), Kaunas, 2016.

Abracadabra. Politics of Collaboration, Wroclaw, 2016

Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, 2016