triple double u which could be also read as World Wide Web was started as series of artistic projects for analyzing digital information available on the internet.

Though triple-double-u project was started in 2006, series of projects were developped before in cooperation with various net artists. One such project was asco-o started back in 1999 together with french artist d2b and many co-partners. Even many pictures were done using various programs, most of them were still produced using computer commands like copy, paste and replace. Also there were a number of programs written which generate pictures out of predefined algorithms. Later a project called dict was done in a cooperation with trashconnection. The continuously generated project uses definitions of words available at

In we use material existing in the internet as second hand material which could be still used for new purposes. For example an automatic email answering machine mailia helps people answer personal emails. Finally a very practical project is the ascii, which allows authors to get money into the right account by simply clicking commercial ads delivered by the Google AdSense program. Yet another is the community based VJ tool and real time visualisation programme triple-double-u.

The Bookshelf represents a network traffic translated into descriptive form, so the unseen side of "networking" would be understandable or at least readable.

In 2011 Goethe Institute commissioned Get a Pattern, an event extending Internet version of into the physical space.

The GoogMENTA takes up critical position towards dOCUMENTA (13) while re-generating images referred to the artists taking part in the exhibition. The images here are routed through search engine which are then aesthetically processed with a software in real time. Saved images remain as a time machine.


last generated patterns