Installation. 2013-2015
n number of computers, visualization plugin, automaton plugin (both plugins require Freenet)

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The Freenet storage system is used as a basis for the software 
architecture. Additionally, two plugins - the Visualization and 
Automaton plugins - were developed in order to give the viewer the 
possibility of a self-organized environment within a virtual 
environment. These two plugins are separated by their functionality and, 
in concert with the Freenet, build a non-uniform network system. The 
plugins, as is the Freenet itself, are developed in a Java virtual 
environment and are installable via the Freenet user interface. Although 
not a necessity, it is supposed that the Freenet storage system is 
configured to run in a Darknet Freenet mode.

The Visualization plugin shows a simple graph depicting the Freenet 
storage system. The graph consists of a circle upon which bubbles and a 
square are placed. The square represents the computer itself, which, if 
the network is configured and running the Freenet, is linked to 
appearing and disappearing bubbles on the circle. The appearance and 
disappearance of the bubbles on the circle represent active connections 
to the computer through which data packets are sent or received. Within 
the Darknet Freenet mode, the location of the computer changes, and so 
changes the location of the square on the circle. The changing mechanism 
introduces the Darknet Freenet swapping mode, which shows that a 
computer has found information on the neighbor computer and has 
relocated (for more details on the functionality of the Freenet, refer 
to Chapter Two).

In addition to the Freenet network visualization concept, a spectrum 
color scheme was used in order to distinguish depicted nodes more easily 
while viewing the installation. The spectrum used also adds more variety 
to the installation than if the nodes were depicted in monochrome.

The Automaton plugin enables the software to run independently from 
direct human interaction, thus excluding the human factor from the 
installation. The Automaton is built upon jSite, an open source software 
package for uploading information onto the Freenet storage system. jSite 
was tweaked in such a way that it would upload given information with no 
additional human interaction with the program. In addition, it was tuned 
up with functions that supply the software with content uploaded without 
interruption. The Automaton plugin uses the Bing search engine as an 
initial world wide web source for input information and provides the 
Freenet storage system with that information. The interaction between 
the world wide web and the Freenet extends the functionality of the 
Freenet, thus suggesting interaction between different elements within a 
non-uniform network.