Installation. 2013-2015
n number of computers, visualization plugin, automaton plugin (both plugins require Freenet)

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Installation Concept

The installation 0.30402944246776265 offers an imagined social network 
where computers (nodes) represent people (other kinds of nodes), and 
network cables represent the ties connecting them. Within the visual 
component brought to the monitor screens, the bubbles represent active 
nodes, while the lines represent activity among them. The square 
represents the node itself.

The installation suggests the possible creativity of the machine and the 
notion that humanity is approaching a state of artificial intelligence 
or post-humanity. The viewer is provoked to consider the place of the 
machine in society, as well as the ways and strategies in which a 
computing machine is developed. These issues lead to further questions 
of transparency in merged computer and human environments, surveillance 
mechanisms used in artificial networks, and the decision-making and 
ethics of the machine.